My interview with Kate Dalgleish


I got to talk to Kate Dalgleish about her picture book EDMUND THE ELEPHANT WHO FORGOT. (Illustrations by Isobel Lundie) Check out our fun interview below.

Jenny: Favorite aisle in the grocery store?

Kate: This is such a good opportunity to sound sophisticated… but, it’s the chocolate aisle I’m afraid!

Jenny: Must have birthday party item?

Kate: For me, it’s got to be music. Music can make the atmosphere of any party great.

If you were to ask Edmund however, who knows what bizarre things you’d end up with!

Jenny: Brownies or cookies?

Kate: Cookies. Still at the warm, gooey stage.

Jenny: Favorite ice cream sundae topping?

Kate: Strawberry sherbet

Jenny: Now, let’s talk about your hillarious book, EDMUND THE ELEPHANT WHO FORGOT. Tell us how the idea came about.

Kate: I was talking to my girls about how it is said that elephants never forget, and Edmund’s little memory song popped into my mind. Luckily, I have about five thousand notebooks lying around the house so I quickly scribbled it down and the whole story unfolded from there.

Jenny: Do you have a favorite line from the book?

Kate: I love Edmund’s memory song, but I think my favourite line is the piano-playing turtle!

Jenny: What do you love most about Edmund?

Kate: think his optimism and perseverance is amazing. As his shopping trip progresses, he stays happy throughout and never once gives in. He believes in himself, and does so with a smile.

Perhaps he subconsciously picks up the very things needed for a great birthday party?

I think we can all learn from Edmund, and in fact, his little brother, about making the most of any situation we find ourselves in.

Jenny: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your book?

Kate: The illustrations are absolutely amazing. Isobel Lundie has done a fantastic job — Even now, I still notice fun things happening in the background! And I am STILL trying to find all of the Colin the Crickets!!

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