My interview with Katie Frawley

It’s time for another #ChatWithThePBLady

I had the pleasure of chatting with the talented Katie Frawley about her book TABITHA AND FRITZ TRADE PLACES.

Country side or city?

I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida which has been getting bigger and bigger over the years. I’ve never lived in the country, though part of me thinks I would love it. But, as my characters Tabitha and Fritz will tell you, the grass isn’t always greener!

Must have in your suitcase?

A notebook to write in and a book to read. Is that just too predictable for a writer? Okay…hmmm…if I’m in a foreign country, then definitely a phrase book as well so I can attempt to speak the native language. Oh shoot! That’s another book! BLAST!

Favorite breakfast food?


Now, let’s talk about TABITHA AND FRITZ TRADE PLACES. It sounds like such a fun story? What was the writing process like?

I had a ball writing this story! I’ve always liked stories told through letters, so taking a stab at writing my own felt very special. And, of course, my incredible critique partners read round after round of revisions until each letter sparkled. Sometimes revision can be a really frustrating process, but with supportive CPs, it really is where the magic happens.

Can you describe Tabitha and Fritz using three words for each?

I love this question! I’ve never been asked this.Hmmm…

Tabitha- Wistful, Confident, Adventurous

Fritz- Warm, Curious, Sweet

It was important to me to make both characters lovable, complementary, and distinct. I hope I did that!

I can assume the two characters get in some adventures a long the way. Am I right?

Oh, yes! Each character ruffles a few feathers on these vacations. Fritz makes a splash at the local community pool (which he mistakes for a watering hole), and Tabitha makes a faux pas when she serves her vegetarian hosts (Fritz’s elephant family) mouse pizza for dinner.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your book?


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