Interview with Alexandra Alessandri

I’m talking with Alexandra Alessandri about her book ISABEL AND HER COLORES GO TO SCHOOL.

Favorite crayon color?


Best cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich?

Mozzarella and American combo

Would you eat dessert before dinner?

Absolutely (Wouldn’t everyone? :D)

Let’s talk about your book Isabel and Her Colores Go to School. Can you tell us what kind of character Isabel is?

Isabel is artistic and creative, preferring sometimes to draw instead of speak — especially when it comes to English. She also processes her emotions and language through color.

What would you say are some themes in your book?

Isabel and Her Colores Go to School is in part a friendship story, but it’s also about the ability of art to bridge divides and about showing compassion and empathy to new students, particularly English Language Learners.

What do you hope children feel/think about after reading your book?

I hope children will feel the power that comes with reaching out in kindness to someone who is feeling lonely, sad, or nervous, and that creative arts, like drawing and coloring, can sometimes say what our words can’t. And, I hope they have fun identifying all the colors in the text and illustrations!

Where do you do most of your writing. Is there a special room in your house, or somewhere else?

While I do have a bright orange office I love, most of my favorite writing happens in my blue and yellow hammock, which I brought from Colombia the last time I visited family!

Illustrations by Courtney Dawson

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