Interview with Ana Siqueira.

It’s time for another #ChatWithThePBLady 
Today, I’m talking with Ana Siqueira.

Do you prefer baking or cooking?

I prefer cooking. I love cooking new recipes, even though I never follow the recipe. I take a glance and then I make my changes to include my Cuban-Brazilian style.

Favorite thing to do on the weekend?

I love reading and writing. I try to do a lot of writing on Saturdays and Sundays mornings. But I also love playing with my grandkids and going to the beach. And watching movies.

Who do you admire?

I admire all the writers and how hard they work. Sometimes it can be so frustrating: revisions, rejections, resubmissions, no responses, no rest. But we all find a way to keep on going. Sometimes we need a break, but we don’t give up. Even we all think about it sometimes. 

I admire all my critique partners. I feel so lucky I got to grow and see them growing with me. I have a special thanks for my first critique partners from Las Chicas Latinas: Aixa Perez Prado, Rachel Funez. Sara Fajardo, Maria Antonia, Donna Higuera, Zoraida Rivera and Shirley Richey. This is a group of Estrellas. Some of them have books published or sold. Some of them are almost there. We grew as writers so much. And they have big hearts. They’re always willing to help each other when needed. 

What made you feel proud recently?

I am proud that the book I wrote based on my mom and my son got into an auction with three Big-4 Publishers. I was like… What? Why? How? It was a tough choice. The book ended up being sold in a two-book deal. I hope I can announce soon who bought the book. And my illustrator. The illustrations are Beautiful! They made me cry. 

Let’s talk about BELLA’S RECIPE FOR SUCCESS? Can you tell us about Bella, and where you got the inspiration for her?

I got my inspiration from my daughter. She always wanted to be the best and she would quit if she couldn’t be one of the best. When teaching, I noticed some students were like that. So I wanted to tell all the kids, you can do it. All you have to do is work hard and try again.

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