Interview with Leah Gilbert

I recently chatted with Leah Gilbert about her wonderful book THE PERFECT PLAN.

You can see our interview below.


Favorite appetizer?

đź“šMozzarella sticks!

Favorite genre of music?

đź“šPop/hip hop

What’s the last thing that made you laugh outloud?

đź“šHilariously random things my toddler said.

Now, let’s talk about your beautiful book THE PERFECT PLAN. Can you tell us about the main character, Maya?

📚Maya is an outdoor enthusiast — she loves nature, animals, birds, and exploring. She’s smart and resourceful, full of creativity and determination. She dreams of having the most incredible and wonderful tree fort, so she goes to work researching and drawing up plans to turn her dream into reality.

What was your inspiration for this 
book? Did you enjoy building forts as a child?

📚I sure did (and still do!) — who DOESN’T like forts?? I think they are so fun and magical and kind of represent the magic of childhood to me. I never had a real tree fort but did climb a big birch tree in our front yard as a child and read books there. I wrote this story during a difficult time in my life when things weren’t turning out how I’d hoped or planned, and this story just kind of came out of that. My heart needed a story full of beauty and magic and dreams coming true, so that’s what I wrote.

Bloomsbury Publishing

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