My interview with Jennifer Buchet.

Today’s #chatwiththepblady is with Jennifer Buchet. We talked about her book LITTLE MEDUSA’S HAIR DO-LEMMA.

  • Pancakes or waffles?

    Ebelskivers! They’re a cross between donuts and fluffy pancakes topped with confectioners’ sugar then dipped into any number of syrups. My favorite is a little bit of honey with a dollop of raspberry jam!

    • Favorite thing to do on a sunny day? 

    Since its still Spring, I love watching my girl play softball on a sunny day, and rooting them all on. 

    • What song got stuck in your head recently?

    As a Pre-K teacher, any number of kiddie songs are stuck in my head by week’s end. I often find myself singing something like “Banana Banana Milkshake” or “Pizza Man.”

    • What are your thoughts on glitter?

    Glitter is the sparkle of life! Fun to use at school, don’t use at home J

    • Now, let’s talk about your book LITTLE MEDUSA’S HAIR DO-LEMMA. I love the concept for this book! Can you tell us a little about the story? 

    Thank you! My daughter actually inspired this story. When she was younger, she had long, fine hair that tangled very easily. She was my own mini-Medusa!
    My character, Little Medusa comes from a long line of serpent-loving, snake-wearing Gorgons. When she finally receives her first snake, she’s ecstatic! However she quickly realizes that having a snake twist and turn in her hair isn’t all that fun. Her mom keeps reassuring her that she’ll get used to it, but Little Medusa never really does. Using her heart and imagination, Little Medusa eventually has her own solution for wearing her best serpentine friend!
  • More of the interview in the pictures below.

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