My interview with Wendy Wan-Long Shang

I enjoyed talking to Wendy Wan-Long Shang about her book THE RICE IN THE POT GOES ROUND AND ROUND. 🎶🍚
Check out our interview…

What has kept you busy lately?

I’m normally pretty busy in the summer because my daughter swims, so we have early morning practices, plus meets twice a week! In addition to that, as I am writing this, my middle child is getting ready to head to the Coast Guard Academy, so it’s a summer of some pretty big transitions. On the writing side, I have a short story, a middle grade, and a picture book manuscript that I am working on.

Do you have a favorite family recipe?

Oh, it’s so hard to pick a favorite! One comfort food that I really love is steamed egg and pork — my mom used to make it when I wasn’t feeling well, so I always associate it with caring and love. Here is a version: Egg with Minced Pork (肉末蒸蛋) • Cooking in Chinglish

Do you listen to music when you write?

As a general rule, I do not, unless it is just instrumental music. I get too distracted by the lyrics.

Are you an early riser or a night owl?

I lean toward early riser-ness — if I want to get something done that requires a lot of focus and creativity, that first hour in the morning is pretty magical. The hard part is that my husband is a night owl, so I don’t always have the bedtime of an early riser!

Let’s talk about THE RICE IN THE POT GOES ROUND AND ROUND. There’s so much multigenerational love in this book. What inspired this book? Did your own family play a part in inspiring you?

This idea popped into my head on a long drive home from my brother’s over Thanksgiving. My brother and his wife have a large round table with a lazy susan in the middle. As I was thinking about the food we had eaten, the words began playing in my head. I had rough draft by that evening!

See more of our interview in the pictures below…

Illustrations by Lorian Tu

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