Interview with Alexandra Page

It’s time for #ChatWithThePBLady

Here’s my interview with Alexandra Page, discussing her lovely book THE FIRE FOX. (Illustrated by Stef Murphy)

Favorite wintertime activity?

I love crafting with my daughter at this time of year. We enjoy making decorations, colouring and painting, writing cards and letters and making the house feel cosy and festive. Stef Murphy has drawn a beautiful Fire Fox colouring page available to download on our websites ( and

Which do you prefer? The colors of fall or the sight of freshly fallen snow?

Ooh, tough choice! I adore the way leaves turn jewel-like during fall, but honestly the first sight of crisp, perfect snow glistening like diamonds in the sunlight carrying all the promise of sledging and fun to be had is particularly inspiring and special. So, it’s snow for me!

What architectural wonder would you most like to visit?

Great question! As much as I love snowy log cabins, for me it has to be the beautiful ‘Gardens by the Bay’ in Singapore. The gardens contain 18 enormous steel-framed Supertrees that generate solar power and harvest rainwater, promising a greener future for cities. I’d love to write a story inspired by them one day.

Card games or board games?

Board games! My favourite game growing up was ‘The Enchanted Forest’ which involves a treasure hunt to find hidden clues beneath trees. It’s no surprise The Fire Fox includes a forest filled with magic!

See the pictures below to learn about her book THE FIRE FOX.

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