Interview with Christina Barr. 

Here’s my interview with Christina Barr. We talked about her inspiring new book RUN WITH YOUR HEART. (Illustrations by Mel Schroeder)

Who did you look up to as a child?

I looked up to my grandmother. She had a good heart and always encouraged my creative endeavors. We made beautiful, homemade gifts. She encouraged my love of writing. As a child, I wrote her a poem. I remember her framing and hanging the poem in her living room. In college, we wrote letters to one another. I miss her. The way she lived her life will always inspire me.

Are you better at cooking or baking?

I’m better at cooking. My college friends and I like to exchange recipes with one another. It was fun to try new recipes like Captain Crunch French toast, Filipino chicken adobo, and stuffed bell peppers. 

Besides the children’s section, what other part of the library do you love?

I like to maintain a good variety of what I read. Most recently, I have enjoyed many Debbie Macomber novels and true crime books like American Kingpin.

Can you describe the perfect day in three words?

Beach with family

Now, let’s talk about your debut book RUN WITH YOUR HEART. Can you tell us a little bit about this inspiring book?

I was inspired to write RUN WITH YOUR HEART while teaching first grade. As a teacher, I noticed little things that first graders were sometimes hesitant to try like reading, writing, or riding a bike. My hope is that RUN WITH YOUR HEART will be used by parents and teachers to foster a growth mindset and to help children believe in themselves.

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