Interview with Gabi Snyder

I recently spoke with Gabi Snyder about LISTEN. A beautiful book about mindfulness.
Favorite baked good? 
📚That’s a tough question because there are so many delicious choices. Here are three favorites — cherry cheesecake, molasses cookies, and chocolate croissants. (But ask me tomorrow and the list might change!)

Favorite flower?
📚Yellow roses and blue hydrangeas. And sunflowers!
 How do you like your coffee?
📚With lots of milk (oat) and sugar!

What music do you listen to when you want to relax?
📚I find Sigur Ros especially relaxing.

Now, let’s talk about your book LISTEN? This book is a great way to introduce mindfulness to children. Why do you think children learning about mindfulness is important?

📚I think mindfulness can be a helpful tool children and adults can use when the world feels overwhelming. In terms of LISTEN, I hope the book will provide a model for how to put listening and mindfulness techniques into practice in our daily lives. I also want readers to know that it’s okay to sometimes feel overwhelmed by our big noisy world! Sometimes as a child, or as an adult, you might need to seek a quiet spot to find some solace.
In my opinion, picture books about mindfulness can be a valuable tool at home or in the classroom. And having a variety of books on the topic improves the odds that each child will find a book that particularly resonates with them.

More in the pictures below

Illustrations by Stephanie Graegin

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