Interview with Katie Munday Williams

I recently chatted with Katie Munday Williams about her new book


Check out the interview to learn more about the inspiring Anne Bradstreet.


Let’s start with some get to know you questions.

If you could time travel, what time period would you visit?

Probably the late 1700’s/early 1800’s. I’m kind of obsessed with that time period and love reading historical fiction. I’d definitely want to see what Jane Austen’s world was like!

Muffins or cupcakes?

Definitely cupcakes, the more frosting the better!

Favorite type of jelly or jam?

Hmm, I’d probably have to go with Strawberry

What excites you?

So many things excite me, it’s hard to pick just one! Reaching a goal, watching my kids master a new task, looking forward to time with friends/family–all of these excite me on a regular basis!

Now let’s talk about your book. Anne Bradstreet is such an inspirational person. Can you tell us a little about her?

Anne truly was an inspirational person, for so many reasons! As a woman in the 1600’s, she had very little say in her own life. Men made most of the ‘important’ decisions for her and she was duty-bound to keep her thoughts and opinions to herself. As a Puritan, she was persecuted in her home country, causing her family and many others to flee. And yet, she found the time and strength to write down her deepest, darkest feelings, knowing that she could be exiled if people found out. But through it all, Anne loved her family and this is what shines through in her poetry, and what helps keep it relevant even today.

What are 5 words you would use to describe Anne Bradstreet?

1) Strong

2) Persevering

3) Bold

4) Rebellious

5) Dedicated

More in the pictures below

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