Interview with Shelly Becker.


Enjoy my chat with Shelly Becker.
We talked about her touching book ONE, TWO, GRANDMA LOVES YOU.

What’s your favorite season, and your favorite thing to do in that season?

It’s hard to pick a favorite. I like different things about different seasons. But if I had to choose, I’d say spring. My favorite thing to do in spring is to take long outdoor walks. I walk around my neighborhood and also in nature parks, enjoying the renewal and regrowth of nature that’s been dormant through the winter. I especially enjoy observing trees and shrubs, as they spring back to life, progressing from bare branches, to tiny buds, to full-grown leaves.

What item do you all have with you?

Hmm. Literally always? I can’t think of any object I ALWAYS have with me…

How do you like your toast?

I don’t really eat toast. Instead, I’ll tell you how I like my oatmeal. Steel-cut, with blueberries (or sometimes pitted cherries), cinnamon, and milled flaxseed. That’s my go-to breakfast!

What makes a good day great?

Attitude, time-management, and meaning/accomplishment. If I focus on gratitude and positivity, and if I use time well, accomplishing meaningful and/or important tasks rather than wasting time, that’s a GREAT day.

Now, let’s talk about 1, 2, GRANDMA LOVES YOU. This is such a sweet story. Can you tell us a little about it and the inspiration behind it?

Thank you! The inspiration was actually a blog post (or something along those lines) by another writer in the kidlit community. I wish I could remember who, but unfortunately, I can’t. If I remember correctly, the post was about writing a new take on a well-known nursery rhyme and I believe it suggested beginning with the title. After reading it, I made a list of nursery rhymes and potential titles. ONE, TWO, GRANDMA LOVES YOU was one of them

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