Interview with Tammi Sauer

It was such an honor to interview the amazing Tammi Sauer. We talked about her delightful new book No Bunnies Here! (Illustrated by Ross Burach)

What emoji do you use most often?

📚laughing/crying face

Do you have a favorite knock knock joke?

📚Yes! It’s a joke my daughter made up when she was four. It’s so terrible it’s awesome.

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Arm who?

I have an arm.

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

📚Don’t worry so much about what other people think. Be you!

Is there a book that made a big impact on you?

📚Probably the book that has made the biggest impact on me was my first book, Cowboy Camp. Getting that acceptance after sooooo many rejections made me feel validated as a writer and gave me the boost I needed to pursue writing as a career.

Now, let’s talk about your book No Bunnies Here! The main bunny in the book has such a fun personality. What words would you use to describe him?

📚The main bunny is chatty, resourceful, and a little desperate.

The bunny cleverly tries to keep him and his fellow bunnies from being eaten by a wolf. What’s your favorite trick/disguise the bunny uses?

📚I love when he adds a lampshade to a bunny and says, “Clearly, it’s a lamp.” It’s so ridiculous.

There’s an abundance of bunnies in this book. Did you originally plan to have so many bunnies in your book?

📚YES! To me, it makes the book extra funny for a bunny to try to convince a wolf that there are”no bunnies here” when the book is clearly FILLED with bunnies. 

You’ve written so many wonderful books with fun animals as the main character. Do you have any advice for picture book writers who want their main character to be an animal?

📚The story should fit the character. I wouldn’t just have a character be a particular animal for no reason. In Making a Friend, for instance, the main character is a beaver because beavers are known for making things. In A Little Chicken, the main character is a little chicken who is a little chicken. In Nugget & Fang, the characters are a shark and a minnow because I wanted to writean unlikely friendship story that took place in the ocean. 

A nice bonus for having an animal as the main character is that every reader can easily connect to the character–it’s not limiting. Another nice bonus? Animal characters can get into more trouble than human characters. 

What else would you like to share about your book?

📚Ooh! For some behind-the-scenes scoop as to how this funny-filled, bunny-filled book came to be, please read my interview with the oh-so-wonderful Ross Burach:

1 thought on “Interview with Tammi Sauer”

  1. A fun interview! I particularly love PBs with animal characters. Everyone can relate to them and yours are so lovable, Tammi. The illustrations on this Bunny book look hilarious and full of fun! Can’t wait to read it.

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