Interview with Donna David

Today I’m chatting with Donna David. She has an amazing concept book out called TRAINS, TRAINS, TRAINS. Illustrations by Nina Pirhonen.


📚What’s your favorite tv sitcom?

That’s like trying to choose my favourite book – impossible!  I love Ghosts, Friday Night Dinner, Parks and Rec, Brooklyn 99, Schitts Creek and many, many more. 

📚Have you ever named a car of yours? If so, what was it? 

I don’t think I have.  My first car was a Ford Ka and I absolutely loved it.  I quickly went from being a single woman to being married with two children.  For a short while, the Ford Ka was our only car and the boot didn’t work. Whoever was in the passenger seat had to have the double pushchair on their lap!

📚If you could interview anyone who would it be? 

Great question!  I’m a huge sports fan so I’d probably pick a sports star.  Dina Asher Smith, Denise Lewis, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Serena Williams, Sebastian Vettel, Simone Biles, Jonny Wilkinson, Max Whitlock…don’t make me choose!

📚What’s your favorite fictional place from a book or movie? 

It would have to be Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.  Imagine living there!  I’ve been to Cadbury’s World a few times and being surrounded by so much chocolate makes me very, very happy!

📚Let’s talk about TRAINS, TRAINS, TRAINS. There are so many components to this book. Can you talk about the different fun things we can see in your book?

Trains!  You can spot so many trains!  I was so lucky to work with the amazing illustrator, Nina Pirhonen.  Her illustrations have really taken the text to the next level.  Little readers will be able to spot jelly trains, tea trains, fast trains, slow trains, underneath the sea trains, looping trains and many, many more. 

📚Your book is great for emerging readers. Can you talk about why this is?

The pictures are so much fun so I think children will love returning to this book again and again.  It introduces the concept of opposites to very young children and, with every train numbered, reading the story provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about counting.  The rhyming text makes the words memorable so it won’t be long before your little readers are joining in with reading out loud. 

📚Can you think of any activities or crafts that could be done after reading your book?

There are some great activities already included in the book.  Young children love the challenge of the ‘Did you spot?’ activity.  They love going back through the book to find the dinosaur bones, the buried treasure and the ice cream eating mice!  I’ve visited nurseries and schools with ‘Trains, Trains, Trains!’ and the children have loved designing their own trains.  We’ve had some brilliant designs including love trains, flower trains, invisible trains and rainbow trains. 

📚Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

I have another super fun book coming out in April with the brilliantly talented Fred Blunt.  It’s called Farmer Llama and it’s a laugh-out-loud rhyming text which follows a rather helpless farmer on his journey around the farm. 

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