Interview with Tara Lazar.

I am so excited for today’s #ChatWithThePBLady. This interview is with the queen of puns and funny: Tara Lazar!

📚What is your most used emoji?

Right now it’s ⏰ because of my newest book, TIME FLIES! 

📚Would you rather shrink to a microscopic size or become invisible?

Become invisible! My laundry pile would really become insurmountable if I were microscopic!

📚What’s the funniest/most unique costume or outfit you’ve ever worn?

I was a zombie at an elementary school Halloween party one year. I have MS so I already walk like the living dead! I just went around reaching for kids and growling, “BRAINS! BRAINS!” That’s the only thing I would say. It was hilarious!

📚Fill in the blank       _______ always makes me laugh.

MY HUSBAND always makes me laugh. Secret to a long, happy marriage!

📚Congratulations on your new book in the Private I series. Can you briefly tell us about the book Time Flies.

Private I thinks all is copacetic in Capital City, but a culprit begins stealing clocks and he has to catch the time bandit!

📚This book is filled with delightful puns. Is writing puns something that must come naturally? Or can someone learn how to do it well?

It does come naturally now, but it was through years of “practice” trying to out-pun my father…and now my husband.

📚Your books are always so funny. Why is humor so important for children, and how can humor enhance learning?

When books make you laugh, you feel good and you want to keep reading! Literacy is tied to academic success and future success, so I try to hook kids on reading for life with my humorous books.

📚If Private I were doing this interview, how would he introduce himself? What would he say about the author who created him?

I’m just a regular I in the big city. Wait…someone created me???? 

📚What is the most rewarding part of being an author, and what is the best feedback from a child you’ve ever recieved?

Reaching readers and getting to interact with children is the best part of being an author.  I love it when kids draw pictures and send them to me; that’s the best feedback because I know the book has inspired their creativity.

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