Interview with Troy Wilson.

It’s time for #ChatWithThePBLady 🥳

If you’re looking for a beautiful and heartwarming book, you should definitely check out HAT CAT by Troy Wilson and Eve Coy. To find out more about this great book read my interview with Troy Wilson below.

What makes you happy? Good health. Good friends. Good family.

If you could interview anyone, who would you choose?


What’s your favorite outdoor activity?


If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

To a mountaintop with (A) my dad, (B) a fire, and (C) a view of city lights. 

Let’s talk about your beautiful book HAT CAT. What makes this book such a comforting read?

It’s comforting because the words and pictures are gentle, despite the dark patches. Plus, it ends happily.

Please tell us about the old man main character and the inspiration behind him.

The old man was inspired by one of my dearly departed grandfathers (who we called Pop). Like the old man in the story, Pop fed squirrels from his hat. Like the old man in the story, Pop was a gentle, welcoming soul who was in touch with nature. Unlike the old man in the story, Pop wasn’t a fan of cats.

What message do you hope this book conveys? What do you hope readers will feel after reading it? 

I hope they feel happy-sad. Or sad-happy. I hope the book conveys that life does not always present us with easy choices. We can only do our best – and sometimes that is enough.

This book has lots of heart. What do you think is the most important thing to remember when writing picture books with heart?

Be honest. Be open. Be concise. Readers can fill in the rest.

4 thoughts on “Interview with Troy Wilson.”

  1. My little ones and I adore Hat Cat! We’ve read it several times. It is so gentle and engaging and yes– happy sad. Congrats on this beautiful book, Troy! Thanks for the interview, Jenny!


  2. LOVE how straightforward these answers are. As perfect as the book itself. Beautiful story, Troy. Thank you for the interview, Jenny.

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