Interview with Doug Warren.

Welcome to another #ChatWiththePBLady 🥳🎉
Today’s interview is with Doug Warren. We chatted about his book ALBERT, A FROG AND HIS DREAM. Illustrated by Keegan Williams.

📚 What’s a new skill that you’d like to learn?
It’s not really a skill but I would love to go into space and see the Earth from that perspective. I wish every person could really. It would help all of use gain more respect for the world we live on.

📚What’s your favorite thing to do at an amusement park?

Roller coasters! The fast ones with the big drops! Those have always been my favorite. I’m not crazy about the spin you around in a loop over and over over type but the Six Flag amusement park type of roller coasters are the best!

📚 Do you prefer tv shows or movies?

I prefer a good tv series that evolves as it moves along. Bringing in new characters and twists.

📚What’s your favorite ice cream topping?

Chocolate syrup!

📚Let’s talk about ALBERT: A FROG AND HIS DREAM. This is a wonderful story about a frog who wants to fly like a bird. Can you tell us more about the main character Albert?

Albert is a very inventive tree frog. He likes to observe how the other animals he lives with spend their time and becomes very interested in birds and their effortless ability to fly. Albert wants to invent a way he can experience that sensation and sets out to make his own wings. Unfortunately some of his peers think he is completely crazy and end up teasing him. This however doesn’t deter Albert because he is confident and believes in himself.
I really want to get Albert’s second book going where he helps his friends who have a special needs child live a better life.

📚 How can readers relate to Albert?

We can learn so much from observing the world around us. Nature is full of wonder and there are always new things to discover. And I think we all dream of bigger and better things, new ways to do something or new adventures. It is in our DNA as humans. And possibly inside certain frogs as well.

📚 How can this book encourage and inspire children to follow their own dreams?

In todays world so many things can seem out of reach. What I hope this book will do is inspire children to believe in themselves. Even when others tell you something might be impossible.

📚 What advice would you give to children who have dreams that seem unreachable?

The big lesson is that you keep trying. It’s important that you don’t just give up. Every major achievement in science and technology was always first met with doubt. It only takes one person (or frog) to change the world.

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