Interview with Sade Smith

If you love books with food, family, and culture, the check out my interview with Sade Smith. We chatted about her book GRANNY’S KITCHEN. #ChatWithThePBLady 🥳🎉

📚What color best describes your personality?

The colour that best describes my personality is blue because the sky is the limit! Blue reminds me of freedom like the sky and the ocean, and that is how I feel inside and out. Free.

📚Where would you go if you had the whole day to yourself?

If I had the whole day to myself, I would definitely go to the beach. Preferably the ocean in the Caribbean or Mexico, but since I live in Toronto, the lake would have to do. I love the beach, its my favorite place to be.

📚What’s your favorite season?

My favorite season is summer because I get to walk in the grass with my shoes off.

📚Who motivates and encourages you?

My parents motivate and encourage me. Ever since I was a small child, they always told me I could do anything I set my mind to. ANYTHING! And now, as an adult, I still believe it.

📚Let’s talk about GRANNY’S KITCHEN. This book is a wonderful food centered story. How does food play an important role in your life?

Thank you, and Yes, GRANNY’S KITCHEN is a food centered story. Food plays a very important role in my life because food is what brings family and friends together. I am very family oriented and I love spending time with my family. It is very important to keep traditions alive and the best way to do that is with food, especially cultural food. Also, I love to eat.

📚Please tell us about Shelly-Ann. What makes her such a loveable character?

Shelly-Ann is a little girl from the island of Jamaica. She is such a loveable character because she wears cornrows with beads at the ends which a lot of little black girls can relate to. Representation is very important in children’s literature and little black

 girls can see a version of themselves in this picture book. When I was a child, I didn’t see myself in a majority of the books I read, so I wanted to make sure that doesn’t happen for this new generation of little black girls. Shelly-Ann is also a loveable character because she adores her Grandmother and she doesn’t give up when she fails at a task. She lets young readers know that if you try and don’t succeed, try again.

📚How would you describe the relationship between Shelly-Ann and her Granny.

Shelly-Ann has a great relationship with her Granny, who is her most favorite person in the world. A lot of children in Jamaica spend a lot of time with their grandparents and I wanted to keep that traditional aspect of Jamaican culture alive for this story. I wanted to mimic my relationship with my own grandmother to show the relationship between Shelly-Ann and her Granny.

📚Can you tell us about some of the different foods readers will find in your book?

Readers will find traditional Jamaican breakfast foods in this story. They will find food such as ackee, saltfish, dumpling (dumplings) and plantain. There are also recipes in the back of the book for readers to try out for themselves.

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