Interview with Corrina Campbell

It’s time for #ChatWithThePBLady 🥳🎉

Today, I’m talking with Corrina Campbell about her beautiful book THE BOY WHO RESCUED A RAINBOW. 🌈

📚 What makes you laugh?

Gosh, most things really! Most of the time it is my kids who make me laugh, whether that be through their actions or just the questions and conversations we have together.

📚What was your favorite school subject?

I had 3 favourite subjects at school; Art, Music and PE. I remember struggling to choose a preferred subject which is what lead me to pursue a career in education as I felt that I could combine all three of these subjects into a primary teacher role.

📚 Do you have a favorite family vacation memory?

Favourite family holiday was in October 2020. At that point the UK had just come out of Lockdown #1 and hadn’t been put back in to Lockdown #2 (which came January 2021). We were fortunately able to move around our own local authority area so we took the opportunity to explore the Highlands of Scotland. We rented a campervan and chased the blue skies, which can be hard to find in Scotland, particularly in October! We started on the East Coast in a small town called Dornoch before heading West to Achmelvich Beach and then travelling North down the coast stopping at various locations. We had our 3 daughters with us and having been stuck at home for so long it was incredible to be visiting new places and enjoying the best of what our local area has to offer.

📚 Do you have a favorite radio station?

I don’t really listen to the radio and usually opt for Podcasts instead. Some of my favourites include ‘The Creative Penn’, ‘Three Point Perspective with SVS Learn’, which is an illustration podcast and ‘The Diary of a CEO’.

📚 Let’s talk about your beautiful book THE BOY WHO RESCUED A RAINBOW. What was the inspiration behind this lovely book?

The story was written during the pandemic. At that time there was a lot of coverage in the media about death and as a teacher (and Mum) I wanted to write a story that would explore bereavement in a child friendly manner and therefore act a helpful support to both parents and children who may have lost a loved one.

I also wanted to make the main character a boy so that I could challenge ‘boy stereotypes’ and shine a spot light on modern masculinity and the importance of recognising/accepting emotions.

📚 How does this book explore topics of loss and grief?

The story follows a little boy who finds a broken rainbow and decides to take it home and care for it. The little boy loves his rainbow but when it disappears he goes on a journey through the stages of grief and discovers what it really means to be strong, brave and fearless.

📚 Can you tell us a little bit about your illustration style? How do you use your illustrations to evoke more emotions from the reader?

I like my illustrations and work to be as child friendly as possible. I sometimes include drawings from my own children, as well as create my own fonts that are easy to read and encourage early letter recognition.

📚 What feelings or message do you hope this book conveys to the reader?

I really hope that this book will support a child, parent or indeed family following the death of a loved one. I also hope that it will encourage boys in particular to recognise their emotions and not supress them, especially when feeling sad.

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